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Captain's Personal Log

Captain Tashanas
1 January
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Captain Tashanas is currently stationed as the Captain of the newly commissioned uss_gadsden.

Prior to this assignment she served as the Commander of the Federation run, Cardassian owned Station Empok Nor for three and a half years.

Roughly 70-75 earth years old. Little bit of grey salt and pepper like, but definately light on the salt. Usually tied up in a french braid.

Her birthname is Dhivael Shiarrael t'Khellian, her fourth name (Ssaedhe) is known only to her late Husband, Ambassador Soran at the Vulcan embassy on Earth, her son Maec, and Johnnny Running Eagle, former student and former head of station security on Empok Nor. She married into the house t'Nal and took that name when she entered the Tal-Shiar.

She has one son named Maec Nveid t'Nal, who is currently serving in the Tal-Shiar. Her husband was Tal-Shiar as well.

She defected to the Federation 35 years ago and took the name of a slave of her birth-house, Tashanas.

Her former rank of Commander in the Tal-Shiar is known to very few.

Notes as mod: I respond fastest to IMs. If you need to e-mail me use the comm address empoknorstation at gmail dot com. I have this account set up to alert me to new e-mails and will be checking it regularly.

If you are having an issue with another player (myself included) please let me know immediatly so we can work it out.