Fri 1645 Gym
Tashanas felt herself starting to relax as she led the class in a basic routine. It was good to know the people in front of her and why they were there. The colony was there to get away from the civil war, something that Tashanas could not blame them for on one level and infuriated her on another.

Some might say as a defector herself she didn't have a right to be angry with them. She had not left out of fear, she had not, in her heart, abandoned her people. These people were doing just that. The class seemed emptier without the younglings. She hoped that Ra'mi and Keith were not causing their respective parents too much of a headache.

"Ensign, you are trying to use muscles you do not have." Tashanas went over to demonstrate. "Lt. O'Donnell, come here for a moment."

Colleen came over. "Now Ensign put your hand" it was actually closer to a paw as the ensign was Katian, "on her lower back as she goes through that motion." He did so,

"Now feel what it is like when I do the same movement." Tashanas would normally have used crewman Sulak, but he was back on Vulcan getting married.

"Feel the difference." The Ensign nodded looking startled. "For me it is an intense stretch, for the Lt. it is something that is hardly felt." She put her hand on the same spot on his body. "Now do the movement using your muscles, not mine or hers."

He did a passible job this time with her hand on his lower back. "You are now using the muscles you have. That will keep the Doctor bored."

She went through the rest of the class. Watching and stating corrections as the class moved.

"A reasonable practice, please remember to not imitate another dancer, but find the movements that you need." She placed her fist,, thumb to the heart and bowed her head to them. "Khnai'ru rhissiuy"

The class returned the gesture, and replied in various degree of accent, "Khlinæ arhem"

The class broke up with Tashanas sighing as she looked over at her first officer standing with the reporter he had brought with him.

Mon 0800 - Personal Log
"Well I have a Chief Engineer and a Chief of Security. That's on top of the Counselor I am trying to discourage from thinking too much of the fact that I requested her.

"I was reading through the news feeds from the Empire again. They aren't saying much new. I find myself choosing sides with limited information. My primary information comes from a conversation I had with Captain Picard at a conference about the issue six months ago. I was there as a cultural expert, he was there because he had met most of the major players.

"Maec isn't in any of the reports that I am getting. I sent a message to Henderson, though I am not entirely sure he read it, much less would answer the request.

"Elements help my son do what is right. And forgive a mother that would like to see him alive one more time.

"As for the ship, she is strong, and capable, now if I can just get the rest of my crew aboard it would be good. It is strange to think that the compliment of this ship is comperable to the population of Empok Nor. I miss that very obscure station. I had a home there. There are old familiar faces here. Perhaps a home is more mobile than I once believed."


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